PCCW 剛叫我參加新的三星智能電話計劃。我回答我不會幫襯大賊。 :-) (喜歡三星的朋友可以不理我)

蘋果 iPhone 保養的問題

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由83年的 Apple IIe 到現在擁有的 iPhone 4S,我用蘋果的產品已30年了。我喜歡他的完美主義,不會為了省一點錢而把產品的質素降低。好看亦好用。

提到 iPhone 的保養,除了國家規定消費品保養期最少為兩年之外(例,法國)蘋果的保養在全世界(包括香港)都只是一年。iPhone 的確是非常好的電話卻實在不便宜。我把它扔壞或弄濕而蘋果不保是合理的(我曾經駕車的時候意外地把我的蘋果 iPhone 3GS 放了在一杯港式奶茶裡邊!笨!)不過如果機內的東西壞了,那就不同,尤其電池。所以在 iPhone 方面,我也覺得保養期為兩年比較合理和公平。


Cruelty in the animals-for-food industry

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This is why my wife and I choose to not eat meat when possible. We'll never eat anything produced by Australia's Inghams company.

ABC News: Footage shows 'torture' at Sydney turkey abattoir

Caffeine can be dangerous!

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This article (referred by this article) claims that caffeine is not dangerous for people with heart arrhythmias. People (including teenagers) have died from drinking too much caffeine; their hearts stopped beating; and I know for a fact that some people are very sensitive to caffeine.

There's a very careful selection of words used in the review; "most patients", "caffeine in moderate doses", "well tolerated"; words that some call 'fat' words, allowing for a large range of interpretation.

The review concludes that "there is therefore no reason to restrict ingestion of caffeine".

Curious that one of the reviewers of the data was a paid consultant for Red Bull.

I wouldn't want to be the reviewers' lawyer.

P.S. Caffeinated drinks include coffee, many softdrinks, energy drinks, chocolate and tea; and yes, that includes Chinese tea.

今早買了麥當勞至尊漢堡(港幣$20.50)拿走,回到家才知道他們給我的卻是芝士漢堡(港幣$10.50)!唉。 Bought a McDonald's Big 'n Tasty burger (HK$20.50) to take away this morning. Arrived home and discovered they had instead given me a Cheeseburger (HK$10.50)! mmm… :(

信德中心的蘭芳園明顯是譚詠麟的粉絲 :-)

哎。 搵兩餐真辛苦。河國榮日間當機師夜晚當蛋糕廚師!哈哈!TVB 正在重播"隨時候命"和"情迷黑森林"。大家可以望見十年前的我 :-)

Car accident near Sai Kung

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On my way home this morning, traffic was stopped for 45 mins. There was a serious car accident. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Car Accident at Sai Kung

Car Accident at Sai Kung