Hard work, but fun!

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We've been working on "They're Playing Our Song" for more than two weeks now. It's a lot of hard work because there are only two actors; Sompor (蘇芯寶) and myself; which means the two of us have to know the whole play from start to finish with no breaks, and we have to sing and dance as well. Yes, I said dance! If you come to the play, you'll actually get to see me dance. That by itself will justify the cost of the ticket ;-)

I'm very fortunate. I perhaps always have been. Every stage production I've worked with has turned out to be very good, and this one is no exception. I'm working with great people. Henry the director knows what he wants, and he knows when to ask us to try certain things; i.e., he doesn't ask for everything at once and expect to get it. Sompor is one of the hardest workers I've ever met. Whenever I feel like slowing down or getting lazy, I just look at her and keep going.

Between Sompor and myself, we have nine songs to sing. We have to dance to half of them. One of the songs is particularly difficult. I'm pretty much out of breath by the end of the song and that last sustained note is hard to maintain without breaking. It's a challenge but we'll both succeed. I have confidence that the show will be great fun, for us and the audience.

Six weeks to go…