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一分錢 一分貨。$7嘅百佳豬仔包只有48克重(輕?)。相對,一隻中型嘅雞蛋有65克。

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2 Responses to “Instagram: Breakfast today i”
  1. SpotsHK says:

    Hey Greg

    Great site. I've followed your career and blog over the years with interest. You started with an ordinary English name and later decided to choose an ordinary Chinese name. I'm curious about names.

    I'm not diminishing your name(s) in any way, but only wish to comment that this is perhaps an expression of your background and personality. In your business, I'm sure you have come across people with "memorable" and unique names and, as local celebrities, this helps to make them stand out (perhaps). For you, you already stand out and therefore do not need an outstanding name. Did this occur to you when you first started out in Hong Kong?

    • Gregory 河國榮 says:

      my name was chosen by association with my Canto-pop experience. one of the first songs I sang publicly at the U.N.S.W. was "Monica" by Leslie, and a friend of mine loved Leslie even more than myself, and suggested that I use the name "國榮". I agreed.

      I would prefer to have a name associated with my experience rather than one picked out to be 'special'. but I'm also happy that it's a relatively 'common' name. being one of the people is what makes me happy :)